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Tiffany Timbers

Neurogenomicist trying to unravel how we see, smell and taste the world around us

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A bit about me


I am a Neurogenomicist who is trying to unravel how we see, smell and taste the world around us. To accomplish this I use advanced statistical genetic methods to reveal associations between the genome and the behavioral phenome of a model organism, the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. The goal is to reveal new genes important for sensing and responding to the environment. When I uncover new sensory genes, I then investigate their biological function in C. elegans and collaborate with human geneticists to assess their potential role in human sensory disorders. Currently, I am a Banting Postdoc at Simon Fraser University working with Dr. Michel Leroux.

Open Science

This collaborative research works best in an open science framework and I strive to ensure all data and source code from my research is freely available to everyone. In addition to open access research, I participate in open science education and training as a Software Carpentry Instructor and Contributor, Mozilla Science Study Group organizer, and Quest University visiting tutor teaching Computation in the Physical Sciences.

My up-to-date curriculum vitae can be found here.