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Tiffany Timbers

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A bit about me


I work as a Teaching Fellow for the UBC Statistics Department where my primary role is to teach, develop curriculum and coordinate for the new Professional Master of Data Science program. In this program we teach cutting-edge tools and techniques that are used by data scientists out in the wild.


I am a Neurogenomicist who is trying to unravel how we see, smell and taste the world around us. To accomplish this I use statistical genetic methods to reveal associations between the genome and the behavioral phenome of a model organism, C. elegans. The goal is to reveal new genes important for sensing and responding to the environment. When we uncover new sensory genes we then investigate their biological function in C. elegans and collaborate with human geneticists to assess their potential role in human sensory disorders.

This collaborative research works best in an open science framework and I strive to ensure all data and source code from my research is freely available to everyone. In addition to open access research, I participate in open science education and training as a Software Carpentry ( Instructor, Contributor and Mentor.

My up-to-date curriculum vitae can be found here.