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date: 2015-05-23

I have been thinking about starting a career-oriented blog for a while now, and it was being asked to give a short talk at Simon Fraser University's (SFU) 1st Annual Postdoctoral Research Day about what it is like being a postdoc there (see my slide deck for that talk on Slideshare) that was the last push I needed to actually get started on this.

Why do I want to write a blog about my thoughts and ramblings about research, data, coding, teaching and all things related to science? First, I do this anyways via emails (to the lucky few I bother a lot), LinkedIn, Twitter and Slideshare, and so I wanted a place where I could collate, assemble and/or randomly collect all of this information in the hopes that at having a landing space will be useful (at least for me). Second, I am inspired/impressed with how two scientists whom I have significant respect for, Ethan White and Titus Brown, have created interesting and useful blogs, and I want to try to do what they do.

So here I go...