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I have officially finished my postdoc in the Michel Leroux’s lab at Simon Fraser University and started my new job as a Teaching Fellow in at the University...

Using Docker for Reproducible Research

In my reproducible research toolbox, there are several tools that I routinely use. These include, R & Python, the Bash Shell, Make and Git. Although I ha...

Vancouver's First Research Bazaar

On Feb 1-3 the Library’s Research Commons at Simon Fraser University (SFU) hosted Vancouver’s first Research Bazaar (#ResBaz on twitter). What is a Research...


First Day of Class

Today was the first day of my new teaching adventure at Quest University. I am teaching a 3rd year undergraduate course called Computation in the Physical S...

Querying SQLite Databases From R

Last week I wrote a post on how to build a basic database from a .csv files using SQLite, and today I finally got around to writing this short post on wha...