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Tiffany Timbers

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Currently, I teach, develop curriculum for and coordinate the new Professional Master of Data Science program at the University of British Columbia(UBC). In this program we teach cutting-edge tools and techniques that are used by data scientists out in the wild.

I am passionate about teaching science and data science! Having profited from close interactions with faculty as an undergraduate at Carleton University, my central career goal is to teach and develop curriculum to enhance the training of future data scientists, scientists and medical professionals. I have a large body of teaching experience spanning from:

  • working as a Teaching Assistant in Biology and Psychology at Carleton University and UBC
  • instructing a 3rd year Animal Behaviour course at UBC
  • mentoring/ supervising > 14 undergraduate students in the lab
  • teaching scientific programming workshops with Software Carpentry, the SFU scientific programming study group and UBC R study group
  • instructing a 3rd year Computation in the Physical Sciences course at Quest University
  • my current role as a Teaching Fellow for the UBC Master of Data Science program.

My teaching philosophy can be accessed here.

Courses I currently teach:

  1. DSCI 521 - Computing Platforms for Data Science

  2. DSCI 552 - Statistical Inference and Computation I

  3. DSCI 522 - Data Science Workflows

  4. DSCI 100 - Introduction to Data Science

  5. STAT 548 - Statistics PhD Qualifying Course (papers that I am willing to supervise)